What is it about this platform that INSPIRED you? #Cities4GlobalHealth wants to hear your story!

Citizens want to be able to participate in the decision-making process now more than ever, given that many of the decisions made at a government level have a direct impact on their lives. This storytelling initiative is part of #Cities4GlobalHealth’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, but it puts the spotlight on city leaders and local and regional government representatives by taking a look at how they are revitalising their urban spaces, how they envisage their cities in the future and what they are learning now for future emergencies.

This is a space for explaining political decisions and communicating your actions. Sharing initiatives with your citizens so they can be understood.

Are you a city leader or local and/or regional government representative? Even if your initiatives have already been uploaded on the platform, we still want to hear your first-hand account.

Share your story through a short video. There is no need for it to be professional quality. Your voice and experiences are enough! 

And that’s not all–your video testimonies will also contribute to the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” jointly coordinated by Metropolis, UCLG and LSE. It will provide local, regional and metropolitan governments with relevant information, suitable frameworks, and the knowledge and resources to navigate the demands posed by governing emergencies. Your video might be shared on this platform and on our social media channels as part of our #Cities4GlobalHealth campaign! Thank you for taking part.


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