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24 July 2020 Video calls through tablets for the people deprived of liberty in the Penitentiary Centers of Baja California Sur Baja California Sur Mexico
24 July 2020 Masks delivery and megaphoning with mascots to promote the COVID-19 prevention measures Baja California Sur Mexico
24 July 2020 Learn and have fun at home (Together in the pandemic) Baja California Sur Mexico
24 July 2020 En Facatativá se fortalece la atención a pacientes de COVID-19 Gobernación de Cundinamarca Colombia
23 July 2020 Capital Cultural en Nuestra Casa Ciudad de México Mexico
16 July 2020 Comerciantes afectados por COVID-19 recibirán créditos con o% de interés Gobernación de Cundinamarca Colombia
16 July 2020 “Cundinamarca cuida a los que nos cuidan”, nuevo programa de la gobernación Gobernación de Cundinamarca Colombia
15 July 2020 Rio de Janeiro measures against Covid-19 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
15 July 2020 Cundinamarca recibió mas de 50 mil elementos de protección Gobernación de Cundinamarca Colombia
14 July 2020 Goyang Series 4. How to overcome the Corona Blue in Goyang. Goyang South Korea
Buenos Aires
The hospital system will add 400 hospital beds, 70 doctors and 600 nurses. The Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) will incorporate six ambulances.…
Buenos Aires
The Centers are specifically designed to detect if other people than those who have the suspicious symptoms could be infected with the virus. The…
The city is aware of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Montréal businesses, and is in continuous contact with other levels of government and…
São Paulo
Municipal vehicle restrictions by license plate numbers will be suspended;  Elderly people should not take bus in rush hours;  Buses will be…
São Paulo
Parks will remain open with restriction for indoor places;  Events will not be allowed inside the parks;  All ‘Sports Centers’ will be closed…
São Paulo
The assistance in ‘Habitation Center’ will only be held through scheduling;  Courses and intermediation of labor suspended in the ‘Workers and…
São Paulo
Innovation and Technology Secretariat will release 30 thousand remote access for employees to work from home;  In the units of ‘Descomplica SP’,…
São Paulo
City Hall decided to suspend classes in schools beginning March 23rd;  City Hall is studying possibilities to maintain school feeding.
São Paulo
New licenses for events will not be issued; The issued licenses will be canceled; ‘Public Attendance Places’ will only work for services that…