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10 June 2020 Maintenance of the functioning of popular restaurants Belo Horizonte Brazil
10 June 2020 Suspension of permits for events and closure of public places Belo Horizonte Brazil
10 June 2020 Web de seguiment COVID-19 a Barcelona Barcelona Spain
10 June 2020 Cleaning of wholesale market during Covid-19 in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10 June 2020 Moratorium for development in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10 June 2020 Collaboration with NGO during Covid-19 in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10 June 2020 Homeless shelters management during Covid-19 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10 June 2020 Sanitization of public places during Covid-19 in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10 June 2020 Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation Modifies Mandatory Face Mask Requirement Taipei China
08 June 2020 Virtual visits to the Pampulha Modern Complex Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Survey to assess the impact of Covid-19 in the Tourism and Economy sectors Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Restriction of vehicles and pedestrians on the shoreline of Lagoa da Pampulha Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Municipality expands number of beds to attend Covid-19 cases Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Changes in the functioning of public transport Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Municipality readjusts date for payment of taxes Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Readjustment of cultural projects Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Distribution of cleaning kits to 57,000 families in villages, slums and occupations Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Suspension of non-essential activities Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Institution of the Committee to Combat the Covid-19 Epidemic Belo Horizonte Brazil
08 June 2020 Creation of a Repository of International Recommendations and Best Practices in response to COVID-19 Belo Horizonte Brazil
04 June 2020 Investments from Izmir Izmir Turkey
04 June 2020 Resilience Action Plan of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Izmir Turkey
03 June 2020 Municipalidad de Lima crea plataforma virtual que reúne todas sus medidas implementadas para combatir los efectos el COVID-19 Lima Peru
03 June 2020 Herramienta para compartir el número de unidades de entierro vacías en los cementerios municipales Diputació de Barcelona Spain
Belo Horizonte
Units in popular restaurants are maintaining opening hours, but only for delivery of lunch boxes during the pandemic.
Belo Horizonte
Municipality has suspended permits for holding events - whether public or private - and outdoor activities and fairs. Besides that, municipal parks…
Seguiment de l'impacte de la pandèmia a la ciutat a través de dades en temps real (sanitàries, contaminació, transports i mobilitat, econòmiques,…
Kuala Lumpur
The step by step process of market cleaning in Kuala Lumpuar
Kuala Lumpur
For the development control activities Kuala Lumpur City Hall has agree to reschedule or extend all the payment for period from 1st April 2020 to…
Kuala Lumpur
Organizations which are independent of government involvement are known as non- governmental organizations or NGOs. NGOs are a subgroup of…
Kuala Lumpur
The idea comes after Crisis Management Centre (CMC) meeting chaired by the Federal Territories Minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa. ▪More than 500…
Kuala Lumpur
Briefing about: The logistics for operation of sanitization and disinfection Chemical substances for disinfectants according Ministry of Health…
With the subsiding of the COVID-19 threat in Taiwan and in compliance with the directives of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, the Taipei Rapid…
Belo Horizonte
Municipality, through Belotur, is providing a virtual tour of some tourist spots in the city, such as the Conjunto Moderno da Pampulha, a UNESCO…
Belo Horizonte
By building a partnership with the state government of Minas Gerais and the academy, Belotur, the Municipal Tourism Company, prepared a questionnaire…
Belo Horizonte
To reduce the crowding of people and the possibility of contamination by the Coronavirus, the City of Belo Horizonte restricted the circulation of…
Belo Horizonte
In order to attend to suspected cases of Covid-19 in Belo Horizonte, 1.518 more infirmary beds were made available in the hospital structure of the…
Belo Horizonte
The Municipality of Belo Horizonte determined that Belo Horizonte's bus companies ensure that buses in the capital travel only with seated passengers…
Belo Horizonte
Municipality extended the due date of municipal taxes and fees for establishments affected by Decree 17.304/2020, which forced them to close due to…
Belo Horizonte
The Municipal Secretariat for Culture will allow cultural entrepreneurs who have had projects approved and under execution in the Municipal Law for…
Belo Horizonte
The Municipality of Belo Horizonte distributed cleaning and hygiene products, as well as basic food baskets to residents of villages, slums and…
Belo Horizonte
Services considered non-essential had their activities interrupted from March 19, indefinitely. The City Hall buildings were closed and a teleworking…
Belo Horizonte
The Covid-19 Epidemic Confronting Committee was created, with deliberative character and extraordinary competence to monitor the evolution of the new…
Belo Horizonte
Aiming to support the municipal administration in decision-making for the management of the crisis and its impacts, the Belo Horizonte International…
During the battle with the global coronavirus pandemic, Turkey met a new management method with respect to local municipal works. İzmir Metropolitan…
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has published a report called “COVID-19 Resilience Action Plan” due to the coronavirus epidemic that affects the …
La Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, ha creado una plataforma virtual que recoge, todas las acciones adoptadas para combatir los efectos del COVID…
Diputació de Barcelona
El primer semestre del 2019 se actualizó la base de datos del Censo de cementerios de la demarcación de Barcelona, realizado por el Servicio de…