Traditional and contemporary circus mix in online shows

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An intangible world-heritage, the circus is an artistic language full of magic and challenges, perpetuated by family heritage, which synthesizes the best of human potential. At the Mostra Circo Circuito, which runs until the May 16, completely online and free of charge, the several facets of the traditional and contemporary circus will be presented. The program includes two series of audiovisual programs, which feature performances of clowning and balance numbers, hula hoop, among others, in addition to shows of juggling, music and improvisation. Among the performers, are groups and artists from Minas Gerais, such as Circo Castelli and the Velasquez Family, as well as attractions from São Paulo, such as Cia do Quintal and Pedro Sartori do Vale.

All the attractions of the Mostra Circo Circuito were recorded without the presence of the public and following all the sanitary protocols for combating and preventing COVID-19 in Belo Horizonte. The Municipal Culture Circuit is carried out by the Municipal Culture Secretariat (SMC) and the Municipal Culture Foundation (FMC), in partnership with the Cultural Reference and Exchange Center (CIRC).

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