Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation Modifies Mandatory Face Mask Requirement

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Urban planning and Mobility
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Isabel Lin, Researcher of International Affairs Division, Taipei City Government
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With the subsiding of the COVID-19 threat in Taiwan and in compliance with the directives of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) announced that it will be easing mandatory face mask requirements for MRT riders starting June 7.

Instead of wearing face mask at all times, the new directive eases the requirement for face mask-wearing to 2 circumstances: 1) entering the gates, and 2) Anytime inside the station or MRT train when there is not enough room to maintain the 1.5- meter distancing. TRTC expressed its gratitude to commuters for adhering to COVID-19 prevention guidelines. The company noted that even before the implementation of prevention measures, nearly 90-percent of passengers have already donned face masks when taking the MRT.

The company reminds passengers to refrain from talking on the train and try to maintain social distancing at all time. Passengers who have a body temperature exceeding 38-C will be denied service. Please stay at home or seek medical help if you are experiencing cough or other flu symptoms to safeguard your own health and the health of others.

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