Taipei City: Quarantine hotel program expanded ahead of foreign students' return



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Designed specifically as a reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak
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Isabel Lin, Researcher of International Affairs Division, Taipei City Government

With the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding in Taiwan, many returning foreign students and members of new freshman classes are looking forward to further laxing of border entry regulations.

The Department of Information and Tourism pointed out that while the central government has yet to provide a confirmed date on easing regulations, Taipei City Government is taking a proactive approach and contacting quarantine hotels ahead of time. According to plans, the municipality expects to make available over 1,000 rooms spanning different rates. The number will be adjusted based on actual needs.

Expecting an influx of international students prior to the beginning of the new semester, many inns, hotels, and schools have contacted city hall, suggesting plans for the arrivals to stay at quarantine facilities first. Taipei City Government has been contacting potential accommodations across the city in addition to the 1,546 rooms at 24 partner hotels already on the list. There are rooms with rates between NT$2,000 and NT$3,000, which are comparatively more affordable for students.

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