Taipei City praises Uber Taiwan for offering ride discounts to Taipei City Hospital Health Workers

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Isabel Lin, Researcher of International Affairs Division, Taipei City Government
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With the cooling down of COVID-19 fears in Taiwan, the public is preparing for the new "Pandemic Prevention New Lifestyle Movement." In addition to curbing the chance of spread, residents have also actively distanced themselves from high risk environments such as crowded places and transportation hubs.

According to Taipei City Hospital (TCH), medical professionals see heavy workload at this moment and face that need to travel to different places where their expertise is required. In light of this, Uber and other partners offer preferential service program to health professionals through fleets of diversified taxi. Through this program, the medical staff from eight TCH branch hospitals enjoy up to five discounted rides each. The offer lasts through June 30, providing TCH staff members with a convenient and comfortable way to travel to various locations.

TCH Superintendent Huang Sheng-jean remarked that the institution has received support and supplies from various private sector companies and partners during the pandemic period. From the escalation of COVID-19 to recent cool down, what remained unchanged is human trust, which is an important asset that will continue in the post pandemic era.


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