School grounds to reopen to the public starting June 20 in Taipei City

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Isabel Lin, Researcher of International Affairs Division, Taipei City Government
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Education Commissioner of Taipei City Government pointed out that local schools reopened its outdoor areas on June 13, but indoor areas such as classrooms are only accessible with the permission from school authorities and in compliance with regulations. The City’s plan is to reopen all school campuses after June 20, with the exact time and scope determined by the respective schools.

Taipei City Deputy Mayor noted that as a general guideline, the public can access the track and fields before and after school hours, as well as all day on holidays and weekends. She explained that previous considerations for not opening the grounds earlier is concern over additional disinfection routines, which requires coordination with schools. With the exception of time slots reserved for summer classes and programs, the majority of campuses will be accessible to the public during summer vacation.

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