Rio de Janeiro measures against Covid-19

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Rio de Janeiro
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International Relations Department of Rio de Janeiro City Hall
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Attached are the latest measures taken by the City of Rio de Janeiro in order to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (last updated in 7th July)

We highlight the Rio Reopening Program, the inauguration of a Field Hospital (with 100 beds: 80 medical clinic beds and 20 ICU beds), the adaptation of Municipal Hospital Ronaldo Gazolla into reference unit for patients with Covid-19, the update of the roads signaling with paintings containing prevention messages warning the population of the importance of wearing the mask; the special sanitization operations in 300 vulnerable communities; the use of a "talking drone" warning people to avoid crowds; the distribution of masks, basic food baskets delivered to families in Rio; the delivery of protective masks for the homeless people sheltered and elderly people from underprivileged communities that are being sheltered in popular hotels; the implementation of the "Quarantine Connection" project in shelters for the elderly people aiming to maintain emotional ties with virtual messages from people who used to visit older people in these municipal shelters before the Covid-19 pandemic and the project “Saúde na escuta” which offers psychological assistance to professionals in the municipal health network who work in the front line.

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