Rio Against Hunger Campaign | Campanha Rio Contra Fome

Name of the local/regional government
Rio de Janeiro
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Citizen engagement
Social cohesion
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Food security response
Contact information:
Rio de Janeiro City Hall
International Relations and Cooperation Department
+55 21 2976-9114
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Get vaccinated and help those who need it most. This is now possible, through the Rio Contra a Fome campaign (Rio Against Hunger Campaign), which will collect and distribute basic food items to support vulnerable groups impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Donations are received at the time of vaccination, in the more than 250 municipal vaccination units. All municipal vaccination sites are able to receive donations, including those operating on the drive-thru system.

The Rio Contra a Fome campaign is part of an open dialogue with favela leaders and communities. The campaign is a bridge between anyone who wants to help and whoever else is suffering from the hunger caused by Covid. The local government together with the population and civil society organizations are working to minimize food insecurity in the city.

During the first year of the pandemic, several civil society organizations and collectives gathered in networks to distribute donations of basic food baskets and hygiene materials to various slums and peripheral territories of the city, in a wide chain of solidarity. However, the volume of donations has decreased and the problem of hunger has worsened once again. The Rio Contra a Fome campaign comes to strengthen and expand donations, in partnership with organizations that already operate in these areas.

Until April 20th, more than 20 tons of food were collected and distributed. 

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No distiction
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As a reaction to specific problems generated by the pandemic

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