(Policy tracker) Overcoming COVID-19 in Daegu: the path nobody taught us

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South Korea
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Metropolitan Area
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Citizen engagement
Economic development
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International Affairs
Daegu Metropolitan Government
Office: +82 53 803 4411
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Daegu was a first runner which fought COVID19 in February of this year. Many eyes were drawn to Daegu as regarded as an epicenter since the virus was novel and nobody knows how to tackle the disease and provide containment of the epidemic. Since then, Daegu has been settled the situation and keep the things being in control at the level of the metropolitan city.

This is the collection of given experiences and practices that are imbued with our sweat, tears, and blood. This book summarizes the key policy responses local government is taking to limit the human and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tracker includes how to drive through was born in the world for the first time ever as now it has been a common tool for every city to have applied. Apart from it, there are many interesting stories and policies with regards to combatting COVID19, which consists of four sections. We wish our experiences and ideas to contribute to your efforts in the combat one way and another. Keep safe and carry on!

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Michelle Hyeyoung Na
International Affairs
Daegu Metropolitan Government
Office: +82 53 803 4411
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As a reaction to specific problems generated by the pandemic

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