PBH reopens municipal public theaters for face-to-face presentations

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Belo Horizonte
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As of September, the three municipal public theaters, managed by the Municipal Department of Culture and the Municipal Culture Foundation – Francisco Nunes, Marília and Espaço Cênico Yoshifumi Yagi/Raul Belem Machado – will once again receive shows with the presence of the public. The spaces will work in compliance with all protocols for the prevention of Coronavirus infection determined by the City Hall, including electronic ticketing, the use of masks in all facilities and the limitation of attendance, among other measures. 


"The reopening of municipal public theaters, following all the Covid-19 prevention protocols in force in the city, is another step we take towards expanding the population's access to spaces for the fruition of culture in Belo Horizonte, also contributing to the resumption of of the culture economy, which has been so severely affected in recent months”, says Fabíola Moulin, Municipal Secretary of Culture and acting president of the Municipal Foundation of Culture. 

A highlight among the actions taken is the implementation of electronic ticketing in theaters, which will give the public the option of purchasing tickets online, through the official website. The change, which had already been planned before the pandemic, was implemented as part of the City Hall's efforts to modernize the equipment system, boost sales and publicize the shows. 

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