PBH launches Auxílio Belo Horizonte, a program aimed at the poorest families

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Belo Horizonte
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Economic development
Social cohesion
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The City of Belo Horizonte announced this Thursday, the July 15, the creation of Auxílio Belo Horizonte – a financial support program for families in poverty and economic insecurity in the city. The bill dealing with the program will be presented at the City Council next week. The program will have two modalities. The first one is a financial subsidy of R$600, paid in six consecutive monthly installments of R$100 to previously registered families. The second one will be a monthly food subsidy of R$100 for families with students enrolled in the municipal public education system, which will be granted until regular school meals are offered in person at school units.

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No distintion
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As a reaction to specific problems generated by the pandemic

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