PBH expands school capacity and removes time restrictions for commerce

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Belo Horizonte
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Metropolitan Area
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Economic development
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The City Hall of Belo Horizonte announced changes to the current rules for presential classes in schools (kindergarten, elementary, secondary, higher and technical levels): the distance between students may be reduced to 1 meter – instead of the current 2 meters –, which will allow for the expansion of the number of students in the classroom at the same time. The municipal administration also authorized the return of presential classes for higher education and the unrestricted operation of street commerce and shopping malls in the capital. In the specific case of technical courses, it will no longer be necessary to send a letter requesting authorization from the Municipal Health Department. Bars and restaurants will also be authorized to show sports games on televisions or big screens, respecting the opening hours provided for by decree (from 11 am to 11 pm) and maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters between tables and 1 meter between occupants at the same table, maximum of six people per table, consumption only for seated customers and other rules. The gyms may open on Sundays and the movie theaters will be able to receive an audience of up to 60% of their capacity – instead of the current 50%. 

This series of changes takes place after the municipality and the Committee to Combat Covid-19 monitor the impact of the latest flexibilization measures, the advance of vaccination in the capital and the favorable level of indicators, especially the bed occupation in hospitals. According to the last Epidemiological and Care Bulletin published on August 19, the general alert level remains stable in yellow, with the transmission rate at 1.02, the bed occupancy rate in the Covid ICU at 50.7% and of Covid Infirmary in 38.9%.

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