PBH allocated R$1 billion to fight Covid-19 only in 2021

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Belo Horizonte
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Belo Horizonte is the city with more than 2 million habitants that has the lowest Covid-19 mortality rate in the country, according to data from the Ministry of Health. This is the result of serious and science-based work, started in 2020 (right at the beginning of the pandemic) and intensified in the following years. Only in 2021, with contributions of approximately R$1 billion to face Covid-19, the capital ensured the continuity of health care services and more dignity for the impoverished population.

The subject was one of the highlights of the Belo Horizonte City Hall during the presentation of the 2021 budget balance. The hearing for accountability was held on February 23, in the City Hall. Even in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Executive ended the exercise in a balanced manner, with timely payment of all employees and suppliers. 

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