Package of measures to mitigate the economic effects of COVID-19

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Economic development
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Sònia Puyol González
European Projects and City Promotion Senior Officer
Service of City Promotion
Municipality of Manresa

Plaça Major, 1 4ª planta
08241 Manresa
Tel. +34 938 782 472
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Manresa City Council has decided on a package of economic and fiscal measures to deal with the covid-19 crisis and mitigate the effects on citizens, the self-employed, small businesses and companies.The measures adopted refer to the reduced or supressed payment of fees, taxes and fees for municipal services, the shortening of payment terms to suppliers of the City Council and the aid to tenants of the municipal housing company FORUM.

General measures:

• Temporary suspension of fees for kindergartens, the Municipal Conservatory of Music and the School of Art. Families will not have to pay the fees for these three municipal education services as long as their activity continues to be interrupted.
• Freezing of collection procedures. The City Council will not process new executive collection procedures or new embargo orders until after the coronavirus crisis. The term of the other settlements has been suspended.

Measures for trade and catering:

• Terrace fee. Establishments that have already paid the terrace fee will be refunded the proportionate share for the days they have had to be closed.
• Commercial garbage collection rate. A line of aid will be opened to compensate for the rubbish rate for the days that the establishments have had to close. A prior request from the property will be required.

Measures aimed at self-employed people, companies and City Council suppliers:

• The payment period will be shortened for self-employed workers and companies that are suppliers to Manresa City Council.
• The return period for the microcredits granted by Manresa City Council to encourage the creation of companies will be postponed.

Rental assistance measures:

• The municipal housing company FORUM will postpone the collection of social and affordable rents for the 321 homes it manages, as well as its commercial premises. To apply for this measure, a prior application will be required, and the deferral will be made for a maximum period of 18 months and without interest.
In this line, the City Council of Manresa asks the owners who have homes and commercial premises for rent to collaborate to overcome the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis and to value the fact of not prioritizing the economic gain over the social cohesion of thecity.

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