More than one hundred seamstresses from Manresa have collaborated in the voluntary production at home of 11.000 sanitary masks

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Sònia Puyol González
European Projects and City Promotion Officer
Manresa City Concil

Plaça Major, 1 4ª planta
08241 Manresa
Tel. 93 878 24 72
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More than one hundred seamstresses from Manresa have responded to the request of Manresa City Council to collaborate in the production at home of 11.000 sanitary masks, via the email address

The solidarity gear of making the masks involves other volunteers in addition to the seamstresses themselves, as Althaia, the local health foiundation, has provided the clothes to the City of Manresa, clothes have been cut by the company Yerge, that has made the order for free, the ribbons are donated by Byetsa and the rubbers from Ponsa Fabrics. All of them are local companies.

All this material has been taken to municipal offices where volunteers from the Federation of Neighbourhoods’ Associations of Manresa (FAVM) have prepared packages where the necessary material is stored to make the masks by the seamstresses. This volunteer performs this task in a large space maintaining the measures of personal distancing in order to avoid the contagion of covid-19. Each package contains the necessary material to make 50 masks.

These packages are then distributed by municipal staff, who are responsible for taking them to the homes of the seamstresses without any contact as it is knocked on and left at the door, avoiding contact between people. Three days later they return to the same homes to collect the masks already made, which are then washed at 60 degrees to ensure that they are free of viruses before being distributed. The company Higiensec dry cleaner-caundry also contributes its grain of sand by doing this job of sanitizing the masks for free.

Masks are being distributed among services such as nursing homes, shops and other professionals and groups who need it.

This is a good example of the solidarity and voluntary work of all the people, companies and entities that collaborate in citizens' initiatives to face together the current alarm situation.

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