Mental health services and supports for Incheon citizens during the COVID-19 outbreak

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□ ‘Mental Health Services’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

  Incheon Metropolitan City promotes the mental health services for its citizens suffering from psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and stress related to COVID-19.  Incheon Metropolitan Mental Health and Welfare Center is looking after the confirmed patients and their family members via its 24-hour hotline (1577-0199), providing counselling services and other programs in cooperation with medical professionals in charge of quarantine beds. 

   ○ Incheon Metropolitan Mental Health and Welfare Center

     - Program : Crisis Tele-counseling Service

     - Target: Confirmed patients, people under quarantine and ordinary citizens

     - Contents : Psychological counseling and provision of the virus-related information

  So far, over 15,000 citizens have been consulted on their psychological pains caused by the infectious disease, including personal difficulties resulting from the infectious disease, concerns over their families and surroundings, and anxiety stemming from changes in their livelihoods and lifestyles.  Moreover, mental health professionals, social workers and administrative civil servants work together to support emergency welfare projects, one-on-one counselling, and mental health related supplies.  Also, in order to help those under self-isolation, the Mental Health and Welfare Center has distributed a ‘Mental Health Support Kit’ consisting of coloring books, DIY sprouting kit, handy exercise equipment and mental health self-assessment guide.  


□ ‘Cheer up, Incheon Citizens!’ Project
  Incheon City offers various online contents for its citizens to enjoy at home in a bid to encourage people to actively participate in the social distancing campaign.  The city newly added the page titled ’Cheer up, Incheon Citizens!’ on its website, providing cultural performances and home workout contents.  Moreover, the Beethoven Begins performance by Arts Center Incheon will be live-streamed online on the 25th of the next month via the city’s YouTube channel.  Incheon Culture and Arts Center also presents a total of 15 performances from early May to early June.

  ○ Contents

    - Cultural performances

      · Performances by the Incheon Metropolitan Art Troupe

      · New York Metropolitan Opera

      · YouTube streaming of the Seoul Arts Center, etc.

    - Home workout

      · Warm-up stretching by Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled

      · Posture correction, etc.

    - Healing session: Music listening, meditation, tea ceremony, coloring book, etc.

    - DIY : Neon sign, planting, French embroidery, hand sanitizer, etc.

    - Home cooking: Gyerancho (boiled egg snack) , ultra-simple healthy dishes, milk loaf, a low-sodium                                     diet, etc.

    - Online museum: Geomdan Prehistoric Museum e-book + 3D exhibition space provided

    - Live streaming : Online performances offered by Incheon City


□ Designation of Quarantine Facilities

  The Incheon Metropolitan City Government has designated Incheon Medical Center, as the COVID-19 hospital.  In order to prevent the occurrence of additional confirmed cases, all existing patients at the Incheon Medical Center had been transferred to other hospitals so that the COVID-19 patients could be treated intensively.  With such efforts, the city of Incheon has set a remarkable example of making the coronavirus death rate zero despite its close proximity to the nation’s major airport and seaport.   

  ○ Incheon Medical Center

    - Establishment: 2006

    - Major projects: Complimentary operations for low-income patients, outreach public health services,                                      etc.  

    - Workforce: 459 (1 director, 41 doctors, 216 nurses, 4 pharmacists, 197 support staff)

    - Response measures: Conducting epidemiological investigations through security cameras, GPS, etc..

  Incheon Medical Center will continue to actively respond to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while keeping the public updated on the results of its epidemiological investigations regarding the confirmed cases along with the virus control measures.

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