Lisbon measures to fight COVID-19 outbreak

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Cristina Rocha
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On behalf of the Mayor of Lisbon, Mr. Fernando Medina, I hereby would like to convey the measures that the City of Lisbon has been implemented at this present moment to fight this major outbreak:

  • School-based meals - Students from public schools in Lisbon, in levels A, B and SEN - special education needs / school social action, will continue to receive meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks, during the entire suspension of school activities.


  • Elderly - Assuring hot meals, personal hygiene and medicines to the four thousand people already supported by the municipality of Lisbon. Delivering support also to those who were in Day Centers, that have been closed due to this outbreak, as well as all of those people without autonomy to prepare their own meals.


  • Homelessness – The City has opened two new facilities with all the conditions for applying the quarantine. All the foster centers has contingency plans duly approved, reinforced hygiene measures and isolation places for suspected cases.


  • Support to professionals from essential services – Together with the Ministry of Education, nine schools in the city are open to welcome the children of professionals in essential services, health, security forces and fire-fighters.


  • Support and articulation with Lisbon’s Parish Councils – Support to the needy ones, in regard to the purchase of essential goods (Pharmacy and Supermarket), either because they are over 65 years, or just for the reason that they’re chronically ill and/or people in quarantine. Social support for people in isolation with dedicated telephone contact lines and take advantage of whatsapp to link young people to elderly.


  • Solidarity Network - Identification and organization of people available to carry out solidarity tasks with the most vulnerable sectors of the population.


  • COVID 19 screening – Establishing together with the competent health entities of two screening centers in the city of Lisbon.


  • Support to the LGBTI+ Community – Providing information on the supports that remains available and dissemination.


  • Support in the area of ​​addictions - Delivering personal protective equipment and street teams’ schedules modification in order to ensure the necessary support.
  • Car Parking - Suspension of street parking and opening of parks to residents.
  • Urban Cleaning - The Municipality of Lisbon intensified the street mechanical washing throughout the city, seeking to reinforce the cleaning and disinfection of public space, with emphasis on the bus terminals.


  • Public transportation managed by the Municipality (Buses and Trams):  
  1. Regular disinfection of the public transport managed by the Municipality.
  2. Carris’ preventive measures application:
  • Bus entrance by the back door;
  • Ticket sales on board: suspended;
  • Ticket validation: optional;
  • Bus stop: mandatory at all stops, exempting customers from pressing the stop button.


  • Delivery:


  1. Shared bicycles – Shared bicycle networks for free / open in order to support home deliveries.


  1. Taxis and TVDE - Partnership with taxis and mobility services to provide a delivery service with special conditions, while the state of emergency lasts.


  • Creation of the Portal “Estamos Abertos” (We are open) - a platform that informs users on which local businesses are open and what products they offer, in order to avoid unnecessary travel.


  • Rent Payment:


  1. Up to June 30, rent payment suspension in all the municipal dwellings. Payment will be phased in over the next 18 months;


  1. Up to June 30, rent payment fully exempt for all the commercial establishments that are closed, located on municipal spaces (City Council or Municipal Enterprise);


  1. Up to June 30, exemption of all social, cultural, sporting or recreational institutions, installed on municipal venues, from the payment of rents.


  • Social Emergency Fund - reinforce the Social Emergency Fund targeted to families, social institutions and to the procurement of goods, services and equipment that become necessary in this emergency in the amount of € 25M.


  • Taxes / Fees – Suspend the collection of all fees related to the occupation of public space and advertising to all the commercial establishments, except for Banks, credit institutions and insurance companies. Starting from March 1, with retroactive effects, and ending June 30. Establishments, whose annual license expires during this period of suspension, will only have to request this renewal and make the respective payment from June 30.


  • Fairs - Purchasing on regular basis, fresh products from producers that sells on Fairs, which are now closed, and deliver these products to social work associations in Lisbon. 


  • Plastics use – Suspending the entry into force of the provision regarding the ban on the use of non-reusable plastics, until June 30, 2020, in order to not distress on the supply of the take-away regime.


  • Municipal investments:


  1. Ensuring the implementation of Lisbon’s City Council and Municipal Companies investment plan for 2020 and subsequent years, estimated at 620 million years, as a way of strengthening public service, supporting employment and preserving productive capacity.


  1. Anticipate payment to designers, namely architectural, engineering and technical service offices. Immediate payment on delivery of the project by up to 50%, being the remaining remuneration paid after due approval.


  • Urbanism – Keeping urban licensing in full capacity, ensuring the teleworking use by more than 400 workers of these areas. This measure aims to support the entire range of architects, designers, developers and builders, essential to the recovery of the employment and economy.


  • Start-ups, micro and SMEs support:
  1. Create a support team for micro and SMEs (Lisboa Empreende) in order to disseminate information on all existing support, as well as consultancy to mitigate the effects of the crisis and promote economic recovery. This team will include specialists in the various areas (banking and finance, consulting, communication, legal, etc.);
  2. Create a marketplace that links the needs of companies, institutions and municipalities with the skills and offers of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lisbon. Enable start-ups to continue to work by developing technological solutions for today's challenges.


  • Support for the cultural sector
  1. Ensure cultural agents full payment for contracts already signed, by rescheduling programming, adapting them for online transmission, or reinforcing support for the entity's structure.
  2. Accelerate payment to Lisbon’s cultural entities that are already receiving support, having in mind to support the maintenance of the respective operating structures.
  3. Extend the support system for agents and entities in the cultural sector that are not currently covered by municipal support, namely through the Municipal Emergency Fund. At the same time, it will be reinforced the fund to support acquisitions in the field of fine arts and extend its scope to the sector of books and public art.  


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