Housing block for young people

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Caldes de Montbui
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Urban planning and Mobility
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Housing block for young people in Caldes de Montbui


In Caldes de Montbui we will build a block of public housing for young people looking for their own rental housing.

From the local government we are developing a strategy in the field of housing focused on two concepts: The right to housing, with the services of aid from the Local Housing Office; and access to housing, increasing the public housing stock. We are currently working in 29 new housing units: 5 social, 16 cooperative and 8 for young people.

The housing units for young people will be built on the site located on Av. Josep Fontcuberta, in front of Romà Martí Park and the main vectors that will direct this project are sustainability, constructive singularity and participation.

Ecology and sustainability are a priority for the government of Caldes and the building is designed with the aim of getting as close as possible to the zero consumption balance. The study of solar radiation and natural ventilation, combined with a series of improvements, must ensure that very little energy is consumed in the building to maintain thermal comfort.

The block is designed with a 21st century construction system, with a mixed model of shipping containers and laminated wood panels. This will be an innovation that will save construction time and at the same time will close the materials circle of use, reusing and recycling them.

Participation aims to discuss values, uses, spaces and management. We will talk about topics such as plurality, coexistence, common areas, functionality, flexibility, collaborations, maintenance, transparency ...

The initial phase of this process took place last May with representatives of youth associations to define the parameters. This month there will be open sessions to all young people with the aim of having a return of the results in July. The whole process will have a web space that will serve as a guide, a receptacle of all this procedure:


The current context is a context of uncertainty; uncertainty over issues that are essential: health, employment, and housing. And it is in this context that the administration must be closer to all citizens. In Caldes de Montbui, access to housing for young people who want to emancipate themselves is difficult. And that is why this project will try to mitigate this deficiency, so that the young people of Caldes can stay in Caldes.

A paradigm shift is needed: just as public transport has proven to be the best transport, public housing must be the best as well: in efficiency, but also in design and quality. And the building we are designing in Caldes de Montbui will be.


Caldes de Montbui, June 15, 2020.


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Ajuntament de Caldes de Montbui
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The initiative tries to cover the difficulties that young people in the municipality have to emancipate themselves. With the pandemic and the confinement the common spaces in the housing blocks have become more important. The participatory process has included these elements.
young people

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