Greater Manchester develops symptom tracker to support care homes in the fight against COVID-19

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Greater Manchester develops symptom tracker to support care homes in the fight against COVID-19

Like many cities across the world, Greater Manchester has experienced a rise of new challenges in its care homes as a result of COVID-19. As some older people are more vulnerable to some of the worst consequences of the virus and many care homes have suffered greatly at the saddening impact of COVID-19.

In response to some of the challenges faced by care homes across Greater Manchester, Health Innovation Manchester are working with social care partners across GM to aim to provide care homes with greater access to technology, tools and patient information so that they can be better equipped and protect vulnerable residents in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Greater Manchester Health and Care professionals have worked with tech company Safe Steps to develop a UK-first digital innovation that will help care homes to track COVID-19 and coordinate care with GP practices, social care and hospitals to optimally support vulnerable residents.

The tool will allow care homes staff to input information about a residents’ COVID-19 related symptoms into a tracker, which can be shared directly with the resident’s GP and NHS community response team to ensure that a swift assessment and response can be put in place. It also means that the NHS can more closely monitor how care homes are doing across the locality more easily thanks to a visual dashboard that displays the information at an aggregate level.

Further developments are also planned as part of the wider digital care homes package, such as enabling staff to monitor and flag signs of deterioration early on, based on the national RESTORE2TM clinical assessment (Recognise early soft-signs, Take observations, Respond, Escalate.)

Tameside and Glossop is the first locality to roll out the care homes COVID-19 tracker, which has been positively received by care homes. Health and care teams are now able to proactively support the health and wellbeing of more than 700 residents across 25 care homes in the locality, looking out for signs of COVID-19 and taking swift action.

The solution has been developed as part of a partnership formed by Health Innovation Manchester (HInM), including the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, Tameside Council, local GPs and Safe Steps.

Health Innovation Manchester is Greater Manchester academic, health science and innovation system focused on transforming the health and wellbeing of GM’s residents
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership was formed to oversee the devolution of our health and social services. The partnership is made up of GM’s local NHS organisations, councils as well as representatives from NHS England, emergency services, the voluntary sector etc. As a group the partnership aim to understand what works at a local level and how to respond to the health needs across the ten boroughs of GM.


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