Goyang Series 4. How to overcome the Corona Blue in Goyang.

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South Korea
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Senior Specialist, MJ PARK,
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For recovering the Covid blue, city authority encourages citizen’s outdoor activities with new public services.

Developing and introducing diverse public services, and the specific activities to citizens.

  1. Making and distributing a bicycle course guide Map and cut the fee 44% off for citizens to use public bicycle “FIFTEEN” more in their daily life.
  • The bicycle map was made in the form of leaflet, which is easy to carry, and book, which is easy to keep. On the front page, major bicycle courses of Goyang are introduced and on the back page, the information on the right use of bicycle is included.
  • The number of FIFTEEN use in March and April this year was 190,398, which is increase by 58,955 from the same period of last year and the number of subscribed members increased by more than 1,000.

     2. Extending the chance of accessing to cultural contents by such as online streaming of performance, online book reading program.

  • ‘Goyang Buskers Staying-at-Home Concert’, online program for livestream performance conducted jointly by Goyang city and Goyang Culture Foundation are becoming popular. Various genres such as pop music, dance, performance and musical performance are organized for the show and the most active groups among Goyang Buskers play a major role.
  • ‘Online reading for 30 days’ Library center ran 6 online reading programs for 30 days as an alternative to “reading together” as lectures and group book reading were canceled due to COVID19.

     3. Selected and announced 50 outdoor shades spots where people can enjoy magic performance, dance, band, Korean national music, and physical exercises under natural shades.

  • 35 parks, 9 squares, 2 historic sites, 1 place under the bridge and 3 playgrounds were selected as shade spots considering the accessibility, convenience and preference of citizens.
  • Various goods to reduce heat such as fans, tents and cool mats be provided to citizens visiting the shade spots. In addition distancing of more than 2m and regular disinfection are implemented to prevent COVID19 infection.


   For more information, please refer attached file.

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