Escola Livre de Artes opens enrollment for virtual workshops for children

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Belo Horizonte
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The Municipal Department of Culture and the Municipal Foundation of Culture opened the applications for virtual workshops focused on Childhood Culture, developed by the Arena da Cultura program. Part of the activities is aimed directly at children and their families. There are workshops in visual arts, dance, circus, music and toys and games aimed at the development of children.

By offering these activities, the intention is to reiterate the right to play, which is essential even in the delicate context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the objective is to expand access to training for the adult audience, including players, fathers and mothers, artists, public agents, teachers and those interested in the subject in general. It is also expected to keep children in interaction and conviviality, even in the virtual environment, through artistic creation, and strengthening the bonds between families and the school community.

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