Distribution of computers, tablets and Internet connections to vulnerable families to facilitate ‘online’ monitoring of the school year for all students

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Sònia Puyol González
European Projects and City Promotion Senior Officer
Service of City Promotion
Municipality of Manresa

Plaça Major, 1 4ª planta
08241 Manresa
Tel. +34 938 782 472
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Complementing the action of the Catalan Department of Education, Manresa City Council is distributing computers, mobile tablets and Internet connections to students from families belonging to vulnerable groups, so that all students can follow the course. The action focuses on end-of-stage students.

With the aim of facilitating the online monitoring of the last term of the 2019-20 school year of the students of the city's schools and institutes, Manresa City Council has distributed 97 Internet connections to date, and 23 computers or mobile tablets to families belonging to vulnerable groups. In the third quarter, classes at all centers will be virtual due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The material is given directly to the families once the schools, who know the situation of their students and families, have determined the students to whom this connectivity needs to be sent. It is therefore aimed especially at the most vulnerable groups, who cannot ensure continuity in their learning tasks due to the lack of electronic devices or the lack of Internet connectivity.

This municipal initiative is part of the line of action of educational equity and aims to work to reduce inequalities and ensure, as far as possible, that all students have the same learning opportunities, especially those groups more vulnerable.

The distribution of connectivity has been carried out in coordination with the Department of Education of the Generalitat. Specifically, it is a complementary action to that promoted by the Department, which consists of providing students with end-of-stage courses (6th grade of primary school, 4th grade of secondary school and 2nd grade of Baccalaureate, as well as 2nd year of training cycles). The intervention of the City Council, therefore, has complemented the endowment of the Generalitat, covering those cases of end of stage that for various reasons have been left without the connectivity of the Department. However, the initiative has also made it possible to reach lower-level students.

The distribution, which is not completed, will continue with the aim of refining and detecting if students are still excluded from being able to follow the course online. In this sense, the municipality is working with the network of social entities in the city.

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