Decree ensure R$ 30 million for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by UFMG

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The Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM) published Decree 17.623, which opens additional credits of R$ 30 million to fund studies for the production of the Spintec vaccine against COVID-19 – developed by the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). The Belo Horizonte City Hall guaranteed the resources on May 27, when the Sponsorship Agreement was signed between the municipality, the academic institution and the Research Development Foundation (Fundep).

According to UFMG, the funds transferred by the City Hall will be used to defray expenses related to maintenance and experiments with animals, purchase of reagents (for evaluation of the immune response, production and formulation of vaccines), production of test batches for analysis from Anvisa, supervision of the tests, preparation of the registration request documentation, execution of pre-clinical tests, and two stages of clinical trials.

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