COVID-19 Policy that citizens can easily practice in daily life : Always out there for the citizens

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There are two key parts to prevent the coronavirus: to learn what to do and practice what we learn.
Goyang city put its focus on implementing practical policies to make it easier for citizens to act on.

❍ The secret of Goyang City’s successful fight against the coronavirus lies in its efforts to see things in the citizens’ perspective and take various measures to help them practice easily.
; If citizens want to wash hands on the move, they might find it inconvenient as they have to get to a public restroom or have concerns as they only have wet wipes. Goyang City placed hand-washing stands connected to water supply in 16 spots on the street at major subway stations and parks to help citizens passing by can wash their hands anytime. This is a practical measure the city office has taken to help the citizens practice what they learned. This is another measure that the city adopted for the first time in the nation.

❍ The city office distributed masks and sanitizers to pregnant women and the underprivileged class and to prevent mass infection of the underprivileged, a full-scale test was conducted to those newly admitted to the elderly care hospitals and care centers February 20 and all of them tested negative.
; That’s good for them to just put on the masks and to be for their safe.

❍ The Disaster Prevention and Control Meeting, starting right after the outbreak of the coronavirus, the administrative leadership of the mayor and other officers, the administrative execution system and hard work and dedication of public workers, all of them were impressive. This was possible as they helped citizens’ participation and go together with them and citizens also actively participated in self-quarantine and test.
; To help those in self-quarantine, two temporary self-quarantine facilities were installed at the camp site of Korea Scout Association and camping site of KINTEX (exhibition center), and started ‘Book Rental Service’ for those in quarantine for an extended period. These are the parts of the efforts of the city office to implement various measures, one step ahead of other municipal offices.

❍ These are the key elements of Localizing SDGs efforts widely discussed across the glove. We are planning to extend ‘sharing knowledge and cooperation’ with international organizations and cities overseas.


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