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Urban planning and Mobility
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The framework of the pandemic generated unprecedented cooperation on a global scale. The most notorious is the scientific one, with governments and universities around the world that open and share the advances in their research. Different cities around the world are exchanging their strategies in international urban cooperation networks. During a pandemic, information is key, because it reduces uncertainty and allows more people to take steps to reduce contagion and allows governments and organizations to make decisions based on data. The Alliance for Open Government, of which the City of Buenos Aires is a part, recommends sharing the models used to count the cases and make projections. It is a global demand, the need for governments to open data in order to develop tools, technologies and make estimates about the trajectory of the pandemic in different countries. The City of Buenos Aires, up to now, shares different data related to the pandemic, but they are not in an open format, nor in a unified site, not complying with the publication standards of international organizations.

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