City managment measures designed to contain the advance of coronavirus and guarantee medical care to citizens

Name of the local/regional government
São Paulo
Type of initiative
Other type of response
City Managment
Initiative language
  • New licenses for events will not be issued;
  • The issued licenses will be canceled;
  • ‘Public Attendance Places’ will only work for services that cannot be requested by the call center ‘156’, and will require previous appointment;
  • Wake ceremonies will be allowed with only 10 people per room.
  • 60-year-old employees and over, pregnant women and people with suspicion of the virus will work from home;
  • All interns will be discharged, except those that work in the health and security areas;
  • All secretariat will organize their Human Resources framework dividing their employees in two different shifts;
  • Employees, except of health and security, can anticipate their vacation time through management approval;
  • Innovation and Technology Secretariat will release 30 thousand remote access for employees to work from home;
  • In the units of ‘Descomplica SP’, from Tuesday, March 17th, the services will occur only through previous scheduling in the ‘Attendance Center SP 156’ or through the website;
  • The units of the network ‘FAB LAB LIVRE SP’, of ‘Digilabs’ and ‘Telecenters’ will be closed and the workshops previously scheduled will be suspended for undetermined time;

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