City Hall strengthens the social protection network in the territory of CRAS Vila Cemig

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Belo Horizonte
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Metropolitan Area
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Citizen engagement
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The CRAS [Social Assistance Reference Center] Vila Cemig reference team, located in the Barreiro region, is working with the local community to strengthen the performance of public and social policies in the territory, especially social assistance. The integrated, articulated and cooperative experience has reached more and more families and individuals who experience situations of vulnerability and social and personal risk, expanding the local social protection network, in a proactive, protective and preventive way.

The strengthening of the local social protection network provides the development and coexistence in the community and allows the social needs of users to be identified and understood by the team in the meetings promoted monthly. The objective is to build joint interventions between public and social policy teams and the community based on the mobilization and participation of several actors around local demands, especially situations of social vulnerability of families and individuals residing in the territory, aggravated in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The activities carried out in the community focus on the dissemination of public and social policies, insertion in services, programs, projects, benefits, income transfer and access to CadÚnico [Single Registry for Social Programs], in addition to mobilizing for participation in socio-educational events and awareness campaigns, especially prevention in the context of public health emergency situations.

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As a reaction to specific problems generated by the pandemic

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