Carioca Aid Program | Programa Auxilio Carioca

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International Relations and Cooperation Department
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On March 24th, Mayor Eduardo Paes launched the Programa Auxílio Carioca (Carioca Aid Program), a cash transfer program at the local level to minimize the effects of Covid-19 on approximately 900 thousand people in vulnerable situation in the face of economic difficulties faced during this critical moment of the pandemic. 


Carioca Aid Program aims at reducing the impacts of the sanitary measures announced by the municipality, which include the interruption of certain economic activities for at least 10 days. The program focuses on citizens living in the poorest areas of Rio de Janeiro, those who, in fact, do not have the safety net and social support necessary to go through a difficult period.


Who is eligible and how much will they receive?


  • 23 thousand families (50 thousand people) in situations of poverty and extreme poverty (monthly wage maximum of R$178,00 per person), previously subscribed to CadUnico, who do not receive financial aid from other cash transfer programs such as Bolsa Família or Cartão Família Carioca. Each individual in this group will receive R$ 200.
  • 13,506 registered street vendors legalized by the municipality who had their activities suspended by the new restrictive measures (from March 26 to April 4) will receive R$500 each.
  • 50 thousand families already registered at the Família Carioca Card will receive, on average, R$ 244.
  • all 600 thousand students from the Municipal Education network will receive extra value in their Food Card. Each child will receive R$ 108,50.


In partnership with Santander bank, the financial aid is directly transferred from the municipality to individual bank accounts. No NGOs are involved in the process. All beneficiaries are selected by the municipality.  Financial donations are accepted through the Rio de Janeiro City Hall bank account at Banco do Brasil (Nome: Auxílio Carioca, Agência: 2234-9, Conta Corrente: 295.839-2, CNPJ: 42.498.733/0001.48).

The City of Rio is also accepting donations of hospital items, personal protective equipment (PPEs), vaccines, and tests for COVID-19 in order to supply our municipal health units. Donations are being coordinated with the International Relations and Cooperation Department of Rio de Janeiro City Hall ( // 

Rio de Janeiro City Hall also launched a special program for micro and small companies impacted by the restrictive measures adopted in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and aiming to preserve jobs, the Carioca Business Aid ProgramTo be entitled to the benefit, the company must be classified in the micro or small business category, have its activities suspended by the Municipal Decree 48.644/2021, have an active municipal license, and be committed to not reduce the number of employees for two upcoming months. Each approved registration will receive R$ 366 per employee who receives up to three minimum wages (R$3.300), with a maximum limit of five employees.


To register, the company must fill in the form available on the website, informing data such as CNPJ, municipal registration, and number of employees. The responsible must sign a term of commitment confirming that the information provided is true. The companies will have thirty days to present the documentation required by the Municipality in a regulatory act, which will prove the maintenance of the number of employees. In case of non-compliance with the obligations established by the law, the company is excluded from the program, obliged to return the funds transferred by the Municipality, in addition to paying a fine (twice the total amount received).


The municipality estimates that the program will help to maintain about 100 thousand jobs.


Special Requirements:

- Have their activities suspended by Decree 48.644 /2021;

- Have an active business license in the city of Rio de Janeiro;

- Be a micro or small company (according to the classification of LC123 / 2006) on 01.03.202;

- Have annual sales up to the limit of R$ 4.8 million;

- Perform at least one of the economic activities listed in the Law;

- Be committed to not reduce the number of employees for two months.

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