Buenos Aires chatbot helps to protect citizens against Coronavirus

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Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires City Government launched a WhatsApp chatbot that indicates if a person has symptoms of the disease. If so, Public Health standards is activated, referring suspicious cases to the operators of Emergency Medical Care System. These operators are connected through the same chat in order to expedite health care. 

How does it work? First you have to schedule the number 11-5050-0147. The bot, called Boti, will display a menu with options about Coronavirus, which includes information, prevention advices, government measures, etc. To access the triage, you will have to choose option A: "Do I have Coronavirus?". Thus, after a series of questions and answers, Boti identifies if it is a suspected case of COVID-19. If so, it refers you to a medical care operator who will text you to guide you through the health procedure without leaving WhatsApp.

Buenos Aires becomes the first city to use WhatsApp for Coronavirus triage. Boti works 24/7 and can answer up to 9.000 messages per minute.


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