Belo Horizonte’s City Hall will select startups in order to boost innovation in the public health sector

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On Thursday (May 14), the municipal secretariats for Health and Economic Development, in partnership with the Biominas Foundation, will open registrations for the selection of projects / startups aimed at the development of public health products and services to be accelerated in the Health Development Program. Until February 21, startups from all over the country that are interested in operating in the capital of Minas Gerais can enroll. Registration must on the website:
The initiative aims to stimulate the creation of new business opportunities in health technology in Belo Horizonte, aiming to make the capital of Minas Gerais the “City of Health”. In addition to strengthening the connection between two important sectors of the economy (Health and Information Technology), the program will support the development of solutions to address the Covid-19 pandemic and innovations for the post-pandemic context in public health.
The Municipality intends to select projects whose solutions contribute to minimize contagion and / or accelerate the recovery from the impacts caused by the pandemic and which are in the beta development step or in a more advanced phase.

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