Belo Horizonte City Hall Reduces Vaccine Losses Against Covid-19

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The Municipality of Belo Horizonte reduced the loss rate of vaccines against Covid-19 from 6.6% to 5.5% – based on careful monitoring of vaccines concerning storage and application conditions and expiration dates. Considering the total number of immunizations received by the City Hall, the losses are around 0.042% for physical losses and 5.458% for technical losses. 

The administration has reinforced the guidance in vaccination posts and adopted measures to further reduce these losses. Among the initiatives is the option to apply, at the end of the day, the immunizing agent by AstraZeneca, with the exception of pregnant and postpartum women. As this vaccine can be used up to 48 hours after the bottle is opened, even if there is an immunizing leftover, it can be applied without any harm to users the next day. It is important to consider that the amount of losses established by the National Immunization Plan is up to 10%. The percentage of physical and technical losses in Belo Horizonte is within the quantity established by the Ministry of Health. 

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