Belo Horizonte City Hall opens non-COVID-19 hospital units to support UPAs

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Belo Horizonte
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Due to the significant demand increase for more healthcare facilities in the municipality, the City Hall has defined new strategies to expand assistance to the population. Among the main actions are:
- The creation of 24h non-Covid service units to support the work in the UPAs. Each region will have a unit, which will work at the headquarters of a Health Center, attending non-respiratory cases of low and medium complexity. UPAs remain responsible for respiratory, pediatrics and trauma cases. The expectation is that by the end of the week these units will be ready.
- Acquisition of 42 thousand rapid tests to speed up the diagnosis and admission of patients who are in the UPAs waiting for a hospital vacancy.
- Expansion of the Covid-19 teleconsultation offer to 400 daily vacancies, starting this Tuesday (23). Scheduling can be made through accessing the City Hall website or the PBH APP.

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