The bases for the social and economic reconstruction of the city, agreed by all political groups of Manresa city council

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Sònia Puyol González
European Projects and City Promotion Senior Officer
Service of City Promotion
Municipality of Manresa

Plaça Major, 1 4ª planta
08241 Manresa
Tel. +34 938 782 472
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The document, entitled Bases for a Local Plan for the Social and Economic Reconstruction of Manresa, sets out the priorities and types of measures that must be put in place to alleviate the serious repercussions of the pandemic in all areas of citizen life. The document also provides for the establishment of a permanent monitoring table, with political groups and social stakeholders.

The document for the Reconstruction Plan has been negotiated and agreed upon in recent weeks by the government and all municipal groups, and it aims to lay the foundations for implementing the measures that must provide the appropriate response to the large-scale social and economic crisis that has caused the health crisis of Covid-19. The signatories consider that “we can only face this situation through a pact that must be the result of a great agreement, as transversal and broad as possible, involving all sectors of society and allowing to take forward, in a joint and consensual way, the appropriate measures to overcome this great shock ”.

The preamble of the plan makes it clear that “we must know how to turn this crisis into an opportunity to rethink the model of society in which we live, because the world that awaits us all will be very different from what we have known so far. be prepared to respond ”. He also says that "it is time to break taboos, explore new solutions and, above all, ensure that the most vulnerable people do not pay for the crisis. Because we cannot afford to generate more inequalities. We are facing a new and uncertain situation that calls for innovative and imaginative measures with the effort of each of us so that they can be truly effective. " In this sense, the city's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) makes more sense than ever in this new stage.

The areas of the plan are:

-Social sphere

-Children, youth and the elderly

-Employment and employment promotion

-Economic and fiscal field

-The civil service and local administration

-Municipal work spaces and public housing developments

-Culture, sport and leisure

-Area of ​​public space and mobility

-Health field

-Emotional field

-Area of ​​volunteering and citizen networks

Monitoring of the Plan in a participatory, collective, consensual way, that facilitates networking and that establishes alliances. It must also be a living plan, changing and adaptable to a situation that we do not know how it will evolve ”. For this reason, it's foreseen the creation a table formed by the government and all the municipal groups of the City council, as well as of the representatives of the social, economic agents and the associative fabric. from the city.

It is also considered essential to establish a timetable and evaluation of the measures carried out in order to draw the necessary conclusions about their impact, the degree of compliance with the objectives pursued in the short, medium and long term, and to establish a channel of regular communication with all the citizens to inform on the results of these tables of work and receive contributions through the entities that can represent them.

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