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More than 4 million doses of Covid vaccine doses were applied, with almost 100% of the population immunized with the first dose. Twenty-eight new…
Belo Horizonte
To assess the vaccination status of people over 9 months against yellow fever and over 12 against Covid-19, the Belo Horizonte City Hall will…
Belo Horizonte
A survey carried out by the Belo Horizonte City Hall pointed out that the coverage of the first dose or single dose of the vaccine against Covid-19…
Belo Horizonte
The Belo Horizonte City Hall will allocate another R$ 3,229,185.00 for studies on the vaccine against Covid-19 developed by the Federal University of…
Belo Horizonte
As determined by the Bipartite Intermanagers Commission of the State of Minas Gerais, the Belo Horizonte City Hall reduced to 5 months the interval…
Belo Horizonte
Developed by the Municipal Department of Sports and Leisure, the Vida Ativa program resumed face-to-face activities this week, offering physical and…
Belo Horizonte