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The global crisis generated by the COVID-19 outbreak is pushing cities of all shapes to give immediate answers to an emergency that is seriously threatening not only citizens’ health, but the social cohesion, the economy and the infrastructures of our territories.

While the virus spreads regardless of administrative boundaries, territorial scales or weather conditions, affecting millions of individuals simultaneously in different ways, it drives us to overcome management barriers. In metropolitan spaces, the collaboration of central cities and peripheries, and the incorporation of a metropolitan governance, can make a huge difference to ensure that quality of life is not further threatened under scenarios of fragility and that no one is left behind.

Collaboration between administrations of different levels is key to deal with this crisis. Seeking to foster collective responses and facilitate the access of decision-makers to first-hand experiences about how urban areas across the globe can deal with situations alike, local and regional governments of all sizes from across the globe are invited to share:

Initiatives (e.g. plans, strategies, policies) designed specifically as a reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak

Initiatives designed to face other health emergencies such as sanitary crisis or epidemics

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Citizen collaboration to detect solitude situations Among the initiatives launched by the Bilbao City Council in these moments of a health emergency…
La Municipalidad de Lima pone a disposición de los ciudadanos el servicio de orientación psicológica en línea Lima te Escucha, con el objetivo de…
Policy implication for COVID-19 relief While I am writing this, COVID-19 pandemic has been causing chaotic situations throughout the world, some…
Cocina de Todos es una nueva iniciativa de la Beneficencia de Lima, la Municipalidad de Lima y la empresa privada que tiene como finalidad asegurar…
Barcelona Metropolitan Area
AMB closes the metropolitan parks and children's and sports facilities in the metropolitan beaches. However, the cleaning and maintenance of…
Barcelona Metropolitan Area
AMB has set a series of measures during COVID-19 to mitigate its effects, in the areas of Water and Energy: Water AMB will allow water bills…

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